Cohabitation And Marriage

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Portfolio piece 1: Does cohabitation lead to better marriages?
Today, in Western society, being in a couple does not mean that you are married or indeed intend on being married. In fact, it is acceptable for a couple to have children out-with wedlock without being judged by society. And for many, finding that special “one” involves countless bad dates and one night stands. It is now normal for people to now live with their potential spouse – and in many cases have a family - before they tie the knot allowing them time to get to know each other and save for that special day.
Couples are developing new strategies to maintain their relationships. Forgiveness and learning to give and take are important facets of a modern relationship for cohabitating
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Not exactly, not everyone that courts nowadays are doing it in the traditional 17th century English way. However, people are expected to bring the same level of romance from the 17th century to 2016 - without the hand written love letters in quill pen. Not only do Catholicism and Protestantism use courtship as a way of engaging marriage, Islam also uses principles from the Qur’an to connect with other potential families. It begins with the common foundation of religion and how these people want to find someone they cherish and care about. Islam uses brotherhoods and sisterhoods to connect with other families. They then present their children to the parents of potential spouses. The children do not usually become familiarised with their partner straight-away but like cohabitation they get to know one another in a setting which is approved by the families.
Biblical courtship is seen as an alternative to many Christians to dating, they follow biblical principles rather than behaviours or motions of society. For instance, intimate boundaries mean different things to different people, a hug is known in western society as a greeting whereas to some people it showing a sign of vulnerability, intimacy and
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It is inappropriate to have sex with another person or see them naked prior to marriage. Sex is described as a gift from god which a married couple should not take lightly. Even sleeping in the same bed is seen as sexual immorality, but it’s not just physical, it is also emotional. Most “dating” couples choose to abstain from physical intimacy. Opening up to your partner and looking for an emotional support system from them is leaning towards emotional intimacy. It’s perfectly normal to still feel guarded, as dating suggests nothing long term, so they are setting themselves up for heartbreak. The bible describes marriage to be between one man and one women. Jesus also added this to be abiding (Mark 10:7-9 – ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and old fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.’ Therefore, god has joined this man and this woman together, not to be two flesh but to be one flesh, for the rest of

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