Marketing Research : Walmart Customer Service And A Pleasant Shopping Experience

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Task 1
Marketing Research:
The process of gathering, studying and understanding information about a market, about a product or service to be offered for sale in that market, and about the past, present and likely customers for the product or service; research into the characteristics, spending habits, location and needs of your business 's target market, the industry as a whole, and the particular competitors you face.

A: Customers requirement are reliably identified through consultation with customers
Walmart consult with their customers with many ways:
Survey: Walmart communicate with their customers with survey and they get the information about our service. They know about what they give to their customers and they are happy with them that’s all they collect by survey.
Online feedback: Walmart is committed to providing you more customer service and a pleasant shopping experience. We 're happy to respond to your questions about Walmart and appreciate your comments or suggestions. Please use the form below to let us know how we can assist you. Walmart with online feedback get the information about product value they read the comments and they will change what they need to change in service.
Emails: Walmart collect many feedbacks by emails that the get by customers so its Walmart responsibility to give the discount or offer to the customers who emails the company for benefits.
B: Customers requirements are reliably identified through consultation with key informants:…

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