Essay on Marketing Research Project : Bauer

1088 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 null Page
Bauer is a company which main focus is providing hockey players with the equipment and tools they need to succeed on and off the ice. The provied a wide range of protective gear for the every day hockey player from helmets, gloves, shoulder pads, pants, and shin pads. Along with protective gear they also excel in providing the most innovative skates and sticks which are arguably the most important tools to the hockey player. Bauer is a large company with many competitors and therefore must continue to innovate and market their new products. In order to increase sales Bauer must continue to have a good relationship with their clients. One of the main things Bauer does is they replace hockey sticks which break within thirty days of purchase. Hockey sticks do break, however, considering how expensive hockey sticks are nowadays the customer has expectations for the durability they are purchasing. Considering Bauer is a large corporation I will be focussing on their marketing research project for their main two products. Their sticks and skates are the two products in which Bauer makes the most money and this is because every year they are obligated to put out a new product. This is difficult because they must continue to make their product better, fixing problems, and changing the design to keep the customer interested. In order for Bauer to allow their product to excel they must gather data which allows them to make adjustments to their product making it better. I believe…

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