Marketing Research Example Essay

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Kimberly Block
Jody Brogan
Brittany Caple
Destinie Schirle

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1
Service Overview 2
Target Market 3
Problem Statement 4
Research Plan 4-5
Primary Research 6
Secondary Research 6
Sample Survey 7
Test Pilot Report 8
Focus Group 8
Recommendations 8
Works Cited 9 Executive Summary

JoBDeK Research will perform research to collect and compile data regarding the Blackhawk Technical College Financial Aid Department’s service and favorability among current students. Our goal is to answer the question “What are students’ attitudes towards the Financial Aid Department at Blackhawk Technical College?” We will be looking for satisfaction and dissatisfaction
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(Cooper and Schindler 106)
 If management knows the problem they need to act on it right away.
 Research why the students are getting and not getting financial aid.
 Staffing in the Financial Aid office.
 Correlate information from other tech schools and what their financial aid program is.

Step Four

What does the Dean need to know to choose the best alternative from the available course of action? (Cooper and Schindler 106)
 Trust in management and colleagues.
 Dean needs the results from surveys.
 Dean needs to have scheduled meetings.
 Dean needs input from other tech schools.

Step Five

What should be asked or observed to obtain the information the Dean needs? (Cooper and Schindler 106)
 Why the student(s) did not receive financial aid.
 Observe the other colleges.
 Question one through four should be considered.
 Need a clear version of the rules.
 Again act on the problem, get the answers from the survey.
 If there is enough financial aid research the timeliness.
 If these above are not the problem, do more research.

Step Six

What is the recommended course of action, given the research findings? (Cooper and Schindler 106)
 Take it to the Dean or Board of Directors to solve the problem.
 Find out what the students do not like and what needs to be fixed.
 Teamwork and Team Management.

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