Marketing Plan Essay

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“Stafford Deli Marketing Plan”
Matthew DeMartino
August 25, 2013
Professor Teague

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Company Description 3
Strategic Focus and Plan 4 1. Mission Statement 4 2. Goals 4 3. Competitive Advantage 5
Situational Analysis 6
Market Product Focus 10
Marketing Program 14
Financial Data and Projections 19
Organizational Structure 20
Implementation 20
Evaluation and Control 21
Bibliography 22

Executive Summary:
The marketing plan for Stafford Deli will demonstrate that there is an opportunity and need for a hometown style deli in the community of Stafford
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Strategic Focus and Plan:
The strategic focus and plan for Stafford Deli will demonstrate the necessary steps to become a successful business from the onset. I will provide a detailed outline in which the Mission Statement will be clearly defined. The mission statement will be a foundation in which my business will be run exercising techniques in both ethical and responsible behaviors. The goals that will be achieved both financial, nonfinancial and the competitive advantage will be clearly described to ensure that the business will be successful and profitable.
Mission Statement:
The mission of Stafford Deli is to provide great customer service and build loyal patronage by offering the highest quality meals at reasonable prices. Stafford Deli will provide our customers with an enthusiastic experience every time the visit and they will walk away knowing they received a great meal from a dedicated staff. Every customer that comes in our doors will leave dazzled by Stafford Deli and will be eager to return. To all who work at Stafford Deli, their environment will be friendly and rewarding. Stafford Deli will provide our employees with training and development to encourage our employees to stay with us for the long run. We want all employees to have the feeling of belonging and have a rewarding career. Stafford Deli will be an active business in the

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