Marketing Plan Essay

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Table of Contents:

* Outline_______ ___________________________________________3

* Introduction_______________________________________________4

* Objectives____ ____________________________________________ 5

* SWOT Analysis_____________________________________________6

* Marketing Mix______________________________________________7

* Conclusions ________________________________________________8

* Bibliography _______________________________________________9

* References ________________________________________________10

A. introduction:
First of all my topic will be about promoting a drink that is new in the Market and which will be drink in my pub and soon in the supermarket
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Within this market it is possible to further segment the preferred target market for this new tasty product. Age can be used to further segment the market, Therefore the age of the target segment will be 18 to 44, as these individuals should be more likely to adopt new products.

Geography is another useful variable. The target segment will live in the inner city or suburban areas of cities, and not on the outskirts of major urban areas or in rural areas. By using the above segmentation variables we now have a target segment at which to direct the marketing communications strategy. Internal factors are also evaluated in the SWOT analysis. Analysis of this product has revealed three major strengths and two major weaknesses. The strengths are a devotion to customer service, and the design and innovativeness of this energy drink. Each category of this SWOT analysis could be expanded. The business can then assess the results to decide if they can use their strengths to take advantage of the opportunities and introduce the new energy drinks. After assessing the results, they may decide that the weaknesses and threats need to be addressed before they can make any changes to their existing product line.
Customer service is something that is still at a basic level in building relationships with new customers. This product offers outstanding after sales service,

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