Marketing Plan Essay

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M-X251 Marketing Plan
In this paper, Team A will represent the top marketing team for the corporation General Dynamics. They will present a brief overview of General Dynamics, and describe a new product that the company will be selling in the near future. Additionally, Team A will describe the role marketing has played in the success of General Dynamics. After which, the team will present a SWOTT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends) analysis on the new product that General Dynamics hopes to sell. In order to properly market this product, research will have to be done in order to develop a marketing strategy for this new product. Team A will explain that research approach as part of this first phase in marketing
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Weighing 6.65 pounds unloaded, 7.5 pounds fully loaded, its length at 25 inches, this weapon will be much more convenient to carry, deploy, and engage as compared to current options used by soldiers. Instead of firing projectile rounds as in historic rifles and guns, the system utilizes particle beam technology (PBT) The M-XC251 is an individual combat weapon that will change the landscape of the battlefield forever. It has 7 interchangeable computerized components, including but not limited to an automatic digital site system, password protection, master remote override, and enemy recognition software. The magazine, a hydrogen proton battery pack (HPBP), can sustain up to 100 rounds. It has an effective range of 1000 yards. Currently, weapons used in the battlefield by individual soldiers are gas fed, combustion based, projectile weapons including the popular M16, AK47, and Squad Automatic Weapon. These weapons were created on the philosophy that accuracy in the shot was not as important to the victor in combat as was the necessity to shoot as many rounds as possible. This was based on statistical research that seemed to support this position (Frisbee, 2010). One reason for this is because soldiers are not always afforded the luxury of time in accurately aiming and shooting an enemy combatant. However, in developing the M-XC251, with the use of computer digital technology, this aim

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