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Marketing Industry ASSK Group Assignment

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction 3

2.0 Online Marketing 4

2.1 Online/Internet Marketing 4
2.2 What Sort of Person Would Choose Marketing as a Career? 4
2.3 Skills as an Online Marketer 4
2.4 Sectors of Online Marketing 4
2.5 Specialists within Internet Marketing 4
2.6 Lifestyle Description of Working as an Online Marketer 5

3.0 Ecommerce Marketing 6

3.1 Introduction 6
3.2 Personality 6
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Both are indispensable for the development of other marketing areas.

Property and food (restaurants), as essential retails, nowadays try to insert in a more competitive scenario and for this reason require qualified professionals who understand the market and know how to achieve better results. And the sport marketing is more professional and rich each day and therefore also opens opportunities for the marketers in several departments.

On the common characteristics of these five segments, the creativity and a good communication are the most essential skills for a marketing person. And all of these areas offer different levels of pressure, ratings and health conditions, changing according to the companies/clients requirements.

2.0 Online Marketing

2.1 Online/Internet Marketing

Over recent years, the Internet has become a large influence on most of modern men’s lives. We use it to gather information, purchasing and selling goods, communication and so forth. Since the Internet has now become a primary tool for the delivery of information, businesses everywhere are using online marketing to increase awareness of their company's goods and services. After all marketing is about understanding customers and finding ways to interact efficiently, so if customers are using the internet, we should also.

2.2 What Sort of Person Would

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