Marketing Plan Essay

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The following assignment is aimed at creating a comprehensive marketing plan for a company called The Glass Company. The company has been producing glassware at in Canada since 1980. The manufacturing plant of the company in the United States is specifically designed to produce glassware for the North American market. The company offers high end glassware including drinking glasses and plates for both individual and corporate clients, emphasizing quality on luxury products.

Executive Summary

The Glass Company is one of leading companies at the luxury segment of glassware in the U.S. and Canada. The company’s positioning strategy is based on emphasizing exceptional quality of its products, while the prices for
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However, over the period from 2014 to 2018, revenue is expected to grow as consumers tend to increase their spending on luxury industry products (IBIS World, 2013).

Political forces. The increase in import-export operations due to the changes of trade regulations between the USA and world’s biggest manufacturers of glassware (such as China) places glassware, manufactured in the USA and Canada at a competitive disadvantage with respect to the products manufactured overseas. However, the luxury segment of the market is estimated to be far less vulnerable to this trend as other segments.

Legal and regulatory forces. The products fully comply with the U.S. and Canadian safety guidelines. Tort liability of the company is ensured.

Technological forces. The products are manufactured with regard to latest technological advancements in the field of glassware manufacturing, and the company is thoroughly monitoring the development of industry-related technologies.

Socio-cultural forces. The company is responsive to the target’s commitment to high-quality products and “made in Canada” label. Green manufacturing techniques are used.

The Target Market

The company’s primary target market is female, aged 40-60, who are not officially employed and dedicate significant amount of their time to housework. They value quality and reliability of products, and consider buying a glassware products as an investment. Another group of

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