Marketing Plan Essay

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Special Event

Rookie Bowl

1.0 Executive Summary

Every January the National Football League (NFL) presents its premier sporting event (the season final) of every year in a major city of the United States.

2.0 Situation Analysis

2.1 Market Summary
Rookie Bowl could be operated as a pre Super Bowl event which is worth more than 4 million. Nowadays, events like Super Bowl, NBA All Stars are becoming a big market of advertisments and a deep pool of winter money. Budweiser, as beer brand of the U.S. is a suitable sponsor of all beer beverage provider at the stadium. Automobiles manufacturers, Network carriers (AT&T, T-mobile, or Verizon) are eager to release their special ads for this special event. H&M released its
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Along with the lesser number of audiences, the sold number of relevant products will reduce.
2.2.3. Opportunities
It is a good opportunity to encourage football fan to pay attention to new players, and also a good chance to watch a furious and strong competition. It is a timing of selling products prior to Super Bowl, just like Youngstars game.
2.2.4. Threats
The threats could lead the Rookie Bowl game go to an opposite way failing the expectation.
2.3 Product (Service) Offering
The Rookie Bowl event is similar event as Super Bowl that offers game competitions of young players in the League, accelerate sales of beer and beverages, and increase the sale of stadium and team products. At the same time, Rookie Bowl event is alike Super Bowl that stimulating sales of NFL or Rookie players based T-shirts, Hats, souvenir footballs, and football shirts by attracting over thousands of millions dollars on adverdising.

2.4 Keys to Success

2.4.1. Trust
The first most important factor of making the event successful is building a linkage between the customers and the football competition. Building a relationship with the audiences to whom the products are sold to. Social media like Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Flicker are used to initiate and introduce the Rookie Bowl event to audiences who follow the football games and players. Most audiences establish relationship with the sport event know the products, and they love and believe in the value.

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