Marketing Plan for Sierra Nevada Brewery Essay

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Marketing Plan for Sierra Nevada Brewery
MKG310-Introduction to Marketing
Portfolio Project
Colorado State University-Global Campus
Professor CherylAnn Farrell
July 15, 2013

Executive Summary
The purpose of this document is to create a marketing plan for Sierra Nevada Brewery (SNB); specifically, developing a plan to expand the product line depth by launching a new product variation that incorporates Sierra Nevada’s traditional ale, with the flavor of blackberry.
First, objectives are clearly established, followed by a situational analysis using a SWOT protocol. A market analysis is performed based upon the STP procedure, which directly leads to the marketing strategy. Financial projections are provided,
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2). An increasing demand for SNB beer in the Eastern U.S., combined with additional transportation costs has necessitated the establishment of an East Coast brewery. A major objective of SNB is to build a brewery on the East coast, allowing them to efficiently market their premium beers to include all states east of the Mississippi River, while adding value to the overall organization. McCurry goes on to state:
For a decade, Sierra Nevada served eastern markets very efficiently, using a lot of piggyback rail with refrigerated containers. Bottle-aged beer has to be refrigerated, and it's expensive to run across the country, but the company did it very successfully. As the market grew in the East and capacity constraints started to be reached in Chico, it became obvious that what is needed is a new brewery and it should be built in the East to address cost and service issues. (para. 9)
The addition of an East coast brewery should strategically position SNB above Sam Adams, therefore claiming the number one spot in craft beers, and further increasing the SNB brand. Specifically, the objective is to expand their product line and break into the growing flavored ale market.
Situational Analysis
SNB holds a relatively strong position in the beer industry. Their strengths are perhaps the organization’s greatest asset. SNB’s state of the art, on-site R&D Department, has positioned them to be an elite

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