Marketing Plan For Chennai Dining Marketing Essay

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Implement, evaluate, and control (IEC) the marketing plan
A marketing plan puts together by Chennai Dining marketing department is a detailed actions necessary to carry out its marketing program. The action details laid out in the marketing plan is essentially a handbook for marketing implementation, evaluation and control (Armstrong and Kotler, 2015). Chennai Dining marketing plan includes information from many of its other departments, so that a big picture view is maintained and details are followed through. Being new organization, there is no historical marketing plan view, but the current plan reflects the Chennai Dining ability to achieve its corporate goals and objectives. Chennai Dining marketing plan is comprehensive and outlined very well with all important information (Ferrell and Hartline, p. 37). The marketing plan is flexible to suit Chennai Dining unique need in every situation. It is consistent between the marketing plan and other functional area and well mapped plan outline to its corporate business units such as purchase, sales and operation. Chennai Dining marketing plan is developed with the flow keeping in mind the environment, and its users, so that it is easy to buy in for the fund based on the annual marketing budget. Chennai Dining marketing plan Implementation, evaluation and control are like its three leg stool. Like all the legs are important for the stool to be steady, these three functions are necessary for the successful completion of Chennai…

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