Marketing Plan For Brand Awareness Essay

963 Words Sep 2nd, 2016 4 Pages Brand Awareness
Keller (1993) defined brand awareness as a length to which company’s brand and products are identified by potential customers and members of society in general. Author continued, that brand awareness can be related to the elements of brand identities in customer’s mind and that it reflects knowledge and recognition of the brand under numerous varied situations. Many researchers have stated that brand awareness is carrying strategic significances, as those largely contribute to the conclusion of brand equity and customers’ buying behaviour. Fur-thermore, Baker et al (1986) said that high brand awareness leads to higher levels of sales and bigger customer base. Brown and Hoyer (1990) strengthened the study of brand awareness by saying that customers tend to pick products of those brands which they are familiar with, even though another unknown branded product maybe of a higher quality. Aaker (1992) test-ed this thesis in practice, as 3 jars (containing peanut butter) were placed in front of partici-pants (who could taste it too) and 73% of people have selected the branded product over oth-ers even the other two were of better quality. Sanyal and Datta (2011) have investigated rela-tion between brand equity and COO, their findings actually proved that certain connection between COO and brand awareness exists, as country of origin have impact on brand strength and awareness especially when the brand is introduced in new country. Shanin et al (2012)…

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