Marketing Plan For An Assistant Manager Essay

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Three years ago I worked for a large grocery retailer that specialized in selling bulk products. Each storefront consisted of six departments and five assistant managers and one general manager. Some stores allowed a higher amount of assistant managers due to higher demands, however; my store had your standard amount of assistant managers. I worked closely with my colleagues as we made daily decisions on how to properly run the store, disciplining and staffing needs. Before the peak of our summer months one of our department managers had taken a promotion for a different store out of state leaving us short handed of an assistant manager. During our weekly manager meetings we discuss the strategy to backfilling the position, we had several options from hiring for the outside, opening up the possibility of taking transfers from a different store or placing a team lead associate into our 12 week MIT (Manager In Training) program. With preparations for the holiday season vastly approaching taking a transfer would have been the wise choice, this assistant knows the company’s expectations and training would be at the bare minimum. However, my general manager had planned to place a team lead associate straight into an assistant manager role while we train her along the way. He vouched for her excellent leadership within her department and how there are never any conflict issues within her department. This employee was a conflict avoider, a person that recognizes conflict…

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