Essay Marketing Plan For A New Product Entrepreneur

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As a new product entrepreneur, I have chosen to market a dip chiller to the general market. This product is a bowl in bowl chiller. It works by putting ice or hot water in the lower larger bowl. The upper smaller bowl than sits within the larger bowl and contains the dip. Many consumers can use dip bowls however this dip bowl focuses on fans of the National Football League. The dip bowl will be football shaped instead of just plain. This product will be useful for tailgating, house parties, and even families watching the game. Even a single person watching a game can benefit from this product because it will keep their dip or salsa cold for the entire game. Using segmentation, targeting, and positioning we will determine the ideal group of consumers to market to.
Having a football themed dip chiller will segment the market drastically. For the marketing campaign, we will focus on the sports enthusiast segmentation. However, this segmentation is vast, “practically everyone is watching more of the NFL than they were two years ago” (Kruse & Deggans, 2009, p. 1). Most people would believe that the NFL segmentation would be adult males between 20-40 year of age, but this is just not true. As Emma Bazilian states in her article about women and the NFL, “an average 63 percent of women 12 and older identify as fans” of the NFL (Bazilian, 2014, para. 1). This means that a football dip chiller would benefit a large segment of the country both males and…

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