Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy Essay

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Marketing Plan¬-Marketing develops appropriate marketing plans so that the marketing objectives of the organization can be achieved. Companies make plans to increase production, increase sales or plan to use promotional tools,etc e.g., a marketer of LED TVs,having 10% of the current market share, aims at enhancing his market share to 20% in the next two years. For this, they will have to develop a complete marketing plan covering various important aspects including the plan to increase their level of production and promotion of product.
In my opinion marketing plan of PepsiCo is very complicated and a very big question because PepsiCo has several disparate lines of business. We really need to look at each segment separately. But broadly, I would say their plans are probably to dominance their brands on a global stage and they continue to make out their distribution plan to international markets and it is effective too because of its objectives, strategies and execution.

Objectives of PepsiCo- The main 4 basic objectives on which PepsiCo focus is Sales,Customer satisfaction,market share and social resposnsibilty towards environment and society.As the one of the leading 19 billion dollars brand continue to expand their marketing margins and increase cash flow in undertake to net worth. The customer objective is to encourage people to persuade choices and live healthier, for example displaying calorie count, key nutrients and launching products like Pepsi diet. Social…

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