Essay on Marketing Plan For A Grocery Store

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Living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, grocery store choices are numerous. I am within driving distance of Wegman’s, Giant, Render’s, Weis, and Aldi’s. In a small strip mall a mile from my home, Kimberton Whole Foods is thriving. Kimberton Whole Foods states that their mission is to serve as a community market with a passionate commitment to integrity, sustainable agriculture, and fair trade. Their website describes that their store has products that are locally grown, harvested, raised, roasted, baked, and brewed. They carry local products and work with over 100 local producers in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
I selected this grocery store to find out what draws customers to here instead of the big chain stores. I have been in the store a few times; I found that for weekly grocery shopping it would be cost prohibitive. When I am in need of a specialty item such as a new tea to try, I will stop in. Smaller grocery stores are convenient and time-saving.
When parking in front of the store I noticed the two sets of double doors; this can be confusing neither is labeled as Enter and/or Exit. Upon entering the store the right wall is a bulk food display and a self-serve coffee area, in the center a large two cash register check-out and on the left wall fresh produce. The store is divided into two major sections. The front 25 feet consists of 4 double sided rows featuring well-stocked shelves of grocery items and the back 25 feet of 4 double rows features health /beauty…

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