Essay on Marketing Plan Converse

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On the market today, there are many different brands of sneakers ranging from the most popular brand like Nike to Reebok, Adidas, New Balance and Puma. Each offers the consumer various styles, color, purpose, comfort level and price. Sneakers have developed into a fashion statement as sneaker companies are developing new ideas that separate themselves from the competition such as color scheme and material. The sneaker industry is booming, but if it was not for one particular company that started the sneaker product, who really knows how much of an impact sneakers would have on billions of people. All sneaker companies need to recognize and appreciate Marquis M. Converse for creating Converse sneakers, which 60 percent of Americans own …show more content…
This signature shoe was worn by professional, college and high school teams across the country. In 1941 when the United States entered World War II after the Pearl Harbor bombing, Converse got heavily involved. The company shifted its manufacturing of sneakers to footwear, apparel, boots, parkas, rubber protective suits and ponchos for pilots and troops. Also, they designed the A6 Flying Boot that was worn by the U.S. Army Air Corps. Besides producing various products for troops, Converse sponsored scrap rubber drives, the War Saving Bond Tour and Red Cross blood drives. Having supported the war with various contributions, the company received a number of extremely high honors from the Army, Navy and U.S. Treasury including the prestigious “E” for Excellence Award from the U.S. War Department. Converse without question was the most popular shoe worn by the entire NBA, adults, kids and anyone else looking to sport this classic brand. However, hard times soon fell on this company. Starting in the 1970’s demand for its classic rubber toed shoes began to decline and kept declining for more than twenty years. Poor business decisions, lack of money, poor marketing and bad luck all contributed to the down fall. The biggest problem occurred once Nike was established, which ended up causing Converse to file for bankruptcy in 2001. In

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