Marketing Mix Of The Organic Wholesale Market Essay

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Marketing Mix

Product The organic wholesale market provides its customers with low prices on selected natural and organic nationally certified products in a wide variety of merchandise categories. The organic wholesale market will carry 400 private label items. The major natural and organic products will include a variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy, poultry, juices, snacks, coffee, seafood, seeds, vitamins, medicine, cosmetic, diet, and personal heigene products. The organic wholesale market will also offer environmentally friendly products such solar candles, cloth napkins, biodegradable pots, energy saving bulbs, rechargeable batteries, toilet dams, low flow shower heads, high efficiency electronics, non-toxic cleaners, low voc paint, green pet supplies, and other various household items and electronics that are Eco friendly. We also offer educational services for our customers. Our staff is trained to discuss the advantages of the organic/natural products, and assist our customers in finding products that suit their needs. We also offer Eco-friendly services for your vehicle, cleaning services, pest control, pet care, home decor, and landscaping. Some of these products may rotate in and out of the market based on season and other factors. This will generate members to shop more often to see what new products have been added to the market. We try to create as much value to our members by providing organic natural products and services in bulk, at an affordable…

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