Marketing Is an Art or Science? Essay

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Marketing is an art and science
Before making any argument about this I would like to share my own view point
Yes it’s quite true that marketing is an art, or we can call it beauty of innovation, creativity and imagination. Marketing is a world where “dreams become realty”. Marketing is also an art because it involves non-verbal ways of communication processes that involve delicate and hidden messages for specific audience. I am calling marketing an art because it creates conscious and unconscious connections between consumer and advertising. To make my point clear I would like to give an example of DALDA, in the Dalda oil ad they use a tag line “JAHAN MAMTA WAHAN DALDA” what basically they try to do they just try
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For that we can take the example of five forces model (porter’s five forces). Porter’s five forces model determines the market behaviors towards any organization (industry). It deals with bargaining power of customers, bargaining power of suppliers, threats of new entrants and threat of substitute so most of the companies use this model to determine their position in the market and manage their future marketing plans. So these five forces shape the overall company marketing strategy.
IF WE ASSUME MARKETING IS ONLY A SCIENCE, WHAT WILL HAPPEN? We take an example to understand this concept. The coca-cola did a big market research while developing a new product (new coke). The responses from the customers were quite positive regarding to new coke. So the management made the decision only on the bases of market research and they were quite sure on the success factor of new coke. So they launch it. Then what happened? The launch of new coke was a mass. Consumers of coke wanted the old classic coke back and they re-launch the classic coke back in market. What this shows, if we take this in terms of “science of marketing” what they did was quite right and they made their decisions on results but they did wrong in terms of marketing. With this example I try to say that marketing is not only about results and hard facts it’s also about art of displaying and creating attachment towards

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