Isolation In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley's extreme story puts the lives of people during the 1930s in a perspective that most wouldn't think to perceive it from. He presents many different social and political problems of the 1930s in his novel Brave New World. The despair and isolation that citizens and countries felt during this time of poverty is ironically twisted into a world of euphoria and ignorant bliss a world where everyone is happy. He shows the lengths government would go for the sake of power, production, and peace often putting these values over the people they have sworn to protect and people as a whole losing all sense of true morals. By using metaphors, imagery and diction Aldous Huxley creates an outrageous novel the makes the reader dig deeply into the thoughts …show more content…
These procedures would determine their rank in society. This relates to the 1930s in the sense that most people were born into their social class. Their status in life all depended on the family they were born into and for those who weren't as lucky to be born into a family of riches there still was a chance for them to build into something more. They could reach
Bolden 2 wealth and knowledge. There were no limitations by the government but in brave new world these opportunities are totally done away with. The government feels that wanting to become more than what you are, wanting to learn more than what you need, and feeling strongly about something or someone is dangerous it causes people to feel unnecessary and useless emotions.
In chapter sixteen mustapha mond explains to Bernard John and Helmholtz why they don't allow people dig into science, why the arts are done way with, and why it is synthesized into them to shutter at the thought of family and monogamy “ because it's old ; that's the chief reason . we haven't any use for old things here.”(pg 148/149) the denotation of the word old shows that theses ideas have outlived their use they no longer bring any benefit to the people . They

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