Essay about Marketing Internship Final Report

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MKT 353 Marketing Department Internship

Final Report

Fall 2004

1. Brief description of the company and its marketing strategy.

Bolthouse Farms is a family company known for their quality premium fresh produce and innovation. They are a 4th generation family farm since 1915. As a leader in their industry, Bolthouse Farms is the #1 baby carrot producer in the world. With over 2,400 employees, the company produces over 35,000 tons of carrot products every month.

After more than 85 years of farming, the company recently developed a new line of delicious yet healthy fruit and vegetable juices. They figure that what better way is there to get the five servings of fruits and vegetables a day than in a convenient
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This demonstration responsibility never changed throughout the course of my internship.

4. Educational Value: describe what you learned about your career field and the business environment through the work you performed.

After completing my internship experience I believe the work that I performed with Bolthouse Farms has supported everything I ever learned about the retail industry and about marketing. Just like any other student, I have held several odd jobs in the retail industry in attempts to earn some extra spending money. Any successful company focused on creating value for the customer, turnover, and making a profit. Bolthouse Farms concentrates on producing quality, superior products in order to outperform their competitors and gain loyal consumers. The supermarket retail industry is very fast paced and competitive. There are several other juice brands along the same lines as Bolthouse Farms all fighting for market share. However, because Bolthouse Farms juice is such a young product, it is harder for the company to enter and establish their name in the market. Thus, they needed a strong marketing strategy in order to win over customers of the other brands, such as Odwalla or Naked. All together, Bolthouse Farms has a winning product and strategy. By establishing good working relationships and maintaining them, the

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