Marketing Channel Of Starfire Jewellery Essay

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1. A marketing channel is the path or route for utilization of market to sell all types of product and service to the consumers for purposes of business or individuals around the world. A marketing channel is a set of interdependent organization involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption (Coughlan, 2006). A marketing channel can be defined as exchange relationships that create customer value in the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of products and services. Marketing channels is meant to provide the demands that marketplace required. Therefore, marketing channels operate in a state of continuous change and must constantly adapt to confront those changes (Pelton, 2002).

There are four types of marketing channel: communication, distribution, service and supply chain. The type of marketing channel of Starfire Jewellery is service and supply chain. The Starfire Jewellery earns profits by selling various types of jewelries, which are designed by the owner, Shweta Agarwal. Supply chain is the marketing channel to get customers for Starfire Jewellery. In supply chain, it is about the process of making raw materials into finished products for sales. In other words, supply chain is also called value delivery network because this marketing channel supports a company’s strategic control and helps deliver products or services to customers (Schaper, 2014).

Apart from that, Starfire Jewellery also provides a service to customers,…

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