Essay about Marketing As A Shallow Profession For Individuals

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At first glance, someone may see marketing as a shallow profession for individuals. Society views business professionals as unethical and only in it for the money, doing whatever necessary to achieve it. So how are marketers any different according to society? It is important to look deeper at what a person in the field of marketing does, and their knowledge required to accomplish these tasks.
Taking a deeper look at marketing, many aspects make for a difficult but enjoyable career. Marketing is not specifically limited to selling a product to individuals, it involves analysis, reports, and even empathy, to name a few requirements. Marketing is also not just about the numbers, it requires an immense amount of creativity and innovation.
Consumer behavior has a major role in marketing. The main objective for a business, such as the retail stores in Brian Ulrich’s Copia, is to sell a product. To successfully sell a product, marketers must examine consumers, and their behavior. Analyzing consumer behavior is a key task to develop a product that shoppers will continue to buy.
The consumer decision process is not as simple as A plus B equals C. In fact, shopping to someone may be seen as a hobby, and not taken too seriously. There are many aspects of the shopping experience that consumers go through and are unaware of the process. First a consumer will decide if to make a purchase, for example a product or service, they must identify a need for it. Similarly, if you are…

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