Essay about Marketing And Nutrition Education Section

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We can encourage participation in a variety of activities, including programs and contests both during and outside the lunch hour, to engage your students in a multitude of ways. Strategies include drawings, special meals and other kinds of giveaways. We offer several programs that are educational in nature and may include special guest visits from our culinary and executive management teams to discuss cooking and eating healthy while some are designed to receive feedback from our student and parent communities.
We focus on varied food groups through promotional material and digitally throughout the cafeteria. We produce multiple meal components using featured ingredients while also educating students.
These programs are created, organized, and implemented at all levels of management from our Chief Executives to our Unit Managers. As part of our boutique approach, we also furnish each of our Unit Managers with a modest budget specifically earmarked for marketing and nutrition education. We encourage our employees to be creative and to work with school administrators when developing activities. Outlined in this marketing and nutrition education section are a variety of programs we have implemented in other schools we serve. Some are company-wide, others are created by Unit Managers working in conjunction with the administration in their respective school. We look forward to creatively partnering to educate and engage your kids, parents, and school community.
We feel parent…

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