Marketing And Integrated Marketing Communication Essay

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I fixed one punctuation error and took out unnecessary spacing in my last draft. Marketing and integrated marketing communication are quite similar in the types of strategies that are typically used. Marketing strategies include branding, corporate identity, direct mail, special events, and newsletters. Branding is basically communicating about the brand to the customers and gain exposure. For instance, one of the major struggles for the firms is having “a neutral brand” that doesn’t contain a graphic name or elements. It is important that the genuine message reaches the customers. Additionally, the five pillars of branding are beneficial to accomplish the ultimate goal: the organization’s mission statement, their corporate values, brand promise, brand personality, and brand positioning. The brand promise is how one will communicate and interact with the clients. Also, brand personality is what will set the firm apart from other firms and will make that firm unique. Brand positioning is how the firm will be positioned in regards to the competition in the workplace. Therefore, there are a variety of strategies that are involved in marketing and designed to help marketing firms accomplish goals (Design Management & Administration Report, 12-13). Numerous marketing strategies are designed to make the company look good to its customers. Another marketing strategy is corporate identity, which defines the firm as who you are and who you want to be in the future. Furthermore,…

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