Marketing And Human Resource Management Strategies Essay

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According to the above description, John Shurtman, the founder of United Fleet Services, seeks a sales representative who will primarily be responsible for recruiting new customers, establishing relationships with prospective customers, and developing better professional relationships with current clients. In addition, the position will require partnering with service advisors to understand each client’s service history. Based on the information provided, it seems that the bulk of the sales representative’s responsibilities is geared toward generating new sales from new and existing clients. Communication with the service advisor, while not directly involving the clients, is a necessary component of increasing sales with existing clients.

According to Martocchio (2013), an organization’s compensation design is dependent on the organizational goals, the organization’s competitive strategy, and how the organization aligns its marketing and human resource management strategies (p. 190). At United Fleet Services, the organization seeks to provide its customers with fast turnaround times, comprehensive service, and with the addition of a sales representative, the organization endeavors to better meet the needs of its clients by offering more valuable products and services. Since it is focus on the service it provides, the organization’s competitive strategy is differentiation. According to Martocchio (2013), salary incentive plans are compatible with positions with…

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