Essay Marketing Analysis : International Marketing

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Marketing is seen as a series of activities that the company is doing to achieve better results on the market-sales, profits, market share, strengthening position in the market, opening up new markets. Achieving these goals is based on the completion of the research and study of the environment and markets, developing products and services, creating programs marketing, pricing, sales and distribution, promotion and communication, providing after-sales service, and so on. From this it follows that the activities of marketing based on the analysis domestic and international environment with special emphasis on socio-political, economic, technological, demographic, socio-cultural and institutional factors, including marketing planning, developing marketing strategies and tactics and marketing control and audit.
From the aspect of marketing, the results can be expected only if the limelight betting market needs, both national and international, as well as the way of their efficient response. Meeting the needs to be achieved with adequate sales, market share and profit enterprises, and in accordance with the mission and goals of the particular market. This understanding and developing the marketing concept of the company is most commonly tied to solve problems of the market and consumers in the domestic or international market.
Due to the fact that the international division of labour has become the backbone of the further economic development of each…

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