Market Analysis Of Vicky 's Cupcakes And More Essay

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Over the past decade Grand Rapids has rapidly diversified its business base. People and investors are now attracted towards this city which will help Vicky’s Cupcakes and More to attract more customers. Currently the area is served with entertainment venues, restaurants, and coffee shops. Vicky’s Cupcakes and More will offer a variety of menu items and some will be unique to the company.
Vicky’s Cupcakes and More will serve all its customers lower, middle and upper income by offering its products with reasonable prices and by providing services that will put a smile on the faces of all the customers.
Geographic: Vicky’s Cupcakes and More will focus on Grand Rapids and its nearby areas. Some other bakeries are already established in Grand Rapids but they are not providing most of the products which Vicky’s Cupcakes and More will be providing.
Demographics: Vicky’s Cupcakes and More will focus on customers of all ages.
There will be a variety of flavors in its food to accommodate all customers. Also there will be an entertainment area with tables and chairs with a TV. Vicky’s Cupcakes and More will insists upon a clean, friendly and attractive environment.
The market trend has changed from simple cupcakes to designed cupcakes and other tasty goodies which will be provided by the Vicky’s Cupcakes and More. SWOT ANALYSIS:
STRENGTHS: 1. the talented bakers. 2. Competitive price and new…

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