Mark Elliot Zuckerberg: The Definition Of A Leader In An Organization

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The definition of a leader in the Wikipedia is someone who has the authority to tell a group of people what to do. [1] Someone manage their entire company, some of them govern a team in the department of a company, some lead their families, and even some just lead themselves. Everyone is leader in their own right. However, there are different between an ordinary leader and an extraordinary leader, who would produce different influence on theirs followers. A true leader always can see big picture, but ordinary leader are too be specific; true leaders do not only things right, but also lead their subordinate to do right things. A true leader affects an organization to meet goals and make high profit for the company. Leaders play a vital role …show more content…
Good leaders are great communicator. They know how to inspire their team to peak performance to achieve their goals via clear communication; they know how to handle conflict of teammates via clear communication. Whether you are businessman, teacher, or technician, as long as you are leader, you would face interpersonal relationship problem. Effective communication enables to solid team cohesiveness to get better to develop team loyalty and makes followers trust and admire you. Everybody knows Mark Elliot Zuckerberg who is the CEO and co-founder of Facebook [4]. However, Zuckerberg has in the initial period been criticized for poor communication with the public. He worked hard in order to be a good communicator. It is difficult for him who started out as a tech guy to possess effective communication skill. But now, Zuckerberg’s public speaking is“poised, confident and articulate” [5] and enables to speak effectively with and lead his team to make progress. Zuckerberg is true leader. He knew the importance of communication, learnt and use it in order to effectively deliver his idea and persuade other trust him and his company. With clear communication, your subordinate can know exactly what your idea or what you want them to do, which enable all of us toward the same goals to produce the best possible

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