Essay about Marijuana Has A Positive Influence On Agriculture

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The United States has had a vastly increasing concern involving marijuana, its legalization, as well as its perception. When considering the question, “Could the Legalization of Marijuana Have a Positive Influence on Agriculture?” there are many reasons to form an opinion after learning about both sides of this controversial topic. The articles, “ Agriculture and Medical Marijuana in Maryland” and “California’s Burgeoning Dope Business Impacting Agriculture” are two exceptional examples of each of the opposing sides that can be taken when talking about this subject (the above question.) The importance behind this question lies within the untapped potential and many unknowns involved with marijuana itself, and whether it can be economically, socially, medically, agriculturally, or even in general of any use what-so-ever.
Why does it matter if marijuana has a good influence in agriculture? This is the field that will see the most potential growth if marijuana becomes not only legalized, but also socially accepted by the masses. With the hypothetical opportunity for job openings, new fields of study, new crop production prospects, and even possible “new farmer” interest, this one change has the potential to boost the agriculture industry back to the forefront of wanted positions in today’s failing job market.
In the first article referenced above, most of the article relies on personal interest on why the marijuana industry is worth learning about, to the author. The second…

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