Marijuana And Medical Marijuana Should Not Be Legal Essay

755 Words Feb 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Over the years the debate over using cannabis and medical marijuana as medicine has been a very controversial topic, people all around the country abuse the use of medical marijuana and partake in recreational use only. Cannabis and medical marijuana use should no longer be legal due to the highly addictive content within the drug, drastic incarceration rate increase, and also fatal incidents due to the recreational use rather than medical use and should be banned within the United States. Medical marijuana is something that many doctors and practitioners still do not have complete knowledge of and is something prescribed and abused daily. Doctor Doris Gundersen (2010) says that:
“Today, marijuana —both medical and recreational —is legal in several states despite the absence of scientific evidence regarding its safety and efficacy. As regulators develop standards of care and policies regarding marijuana use in their states, they need to look closely at the implications of liberal state and federal marijuana laws, the lack of evidence-based research on the efficacy of marijuana, and the responsibility primary care providers have to their patients.”
This indicated that there is still little knowledge of the real side effects of this highly addictive and dangerous drug, which is the tenth leading cause of suicide within the United States (Anderson, Rees, Sabia, 2015). There were many medical studies performed at The University of Colorado Denver and San Diego State University…

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