Mariam In Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns

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In A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, Mariam is plagued with an unjust life. Although Mariam was faced with many trials she didn't let her unfortunate circumstances keep her from finding inner peace and justice by the time of her death.
In her parents' eyes, Mariam was a filthy harami. Her mother blamed her for their solitude and her father was utterly embarrassed of her. Overall, her childhood was loveless. She looked for affection from parents who weren’t completely there, which caused her to continuously look for it later in life. Mariam was mostly oblivious to her injustices though. On page 4, Hosseini wrote, "Nor was she old enough to appreciate the injustice, to see it is the creators of the harami who are culpable, not the
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Once Mariam was settled in, Jalil’s wives quickly married her off to Rasheed. In the beginning of their marriage, Rasheed was decent at best. He wasn’t abusive and he always put forth some effort to make Mariam feel welcomed, but after her first miscarriage things escalated quickly. Rasheed soon became physically and mentally abusive towards Mariam. He blamed her for all of his problems, just like her parents did when she was a child. Once again she was faced with an unjust scenario and didn’t know how to face it, so she endured it. She watched day after day roll by until Rasheed’s new wife, Laila, showed up. Unlike Mariam, Laila was raised in a loving household that promoted women’s rights and education. She was determined to control her own fate and never backed down. In chapter 35 Rasheed tried to beat Mariam because he believed she was the reason Laila wouldn’t have sex with him. Mariam decided to endure it because she thought it would be easier, but Laila stepped in and made Rasheed stop. After Laila stood up for Mariam the women grew incredibly close. Mariam began to care for Aziza, Laila’s child, and loved them like they were her own. They filled the void and Mariam’s life was no longer surrounded by a cloud of melancholy. For the first time in her life she loved and was loved in return. Because Mariam’s love for Laila and her children was so strong, she sacrificed her life and

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