Marge Piercy 's Poem ' Barbie Doll ' Essay

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Middle school has begun, excitement filled my lungs so much that I could taste it. I gulped it down though, not wanting the other children to see me so excited. Had been taunted earlier by a girl in my first period for looking to excite to be at school. Little did I know these would be the most hellish three years of my entire existence? In Marge Piercy’s poem, “Barbie Doll”, we witness a girl who is going through puberty, but she grows up a bit different from the other girls and gets teased by her fellow peers. Much like the speaker of the poem I too went through a rough stage in life around puberty that usually falls around middle school. I was teased a great deal in middle school and it ended up changing my life forever. I remember the pain of middle school all to well it still stings a little to think about the school itself plus the years of pain. That is why I choose this poem because it correctly almost to the exact point reflects the pain bullying can have on the individual it is inflicted upon. The poem begins by stating that a girl just like any other is born just like any other with dolls, lipstick and cooking equipment. She already from birth she is molded into stereotypical female bound by society. “Then in the magic of puberty, a classmate said/ you have a big fat nose and fat legs.” (Lines 5 & 6). First of all as a girl we are bombarded with these images of models in magazines, which we as women are supposed to look like. So if you don’t look like the women…

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