Marcus Beccaria 's On Crimes And Punishments Essay examples

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Jordan Coronad
Cesare Beccaria was a criminologist and economist deriving from Italy in the 1700’s. Beccaria was most renowned for his book “On Crimes and Punishments” written in 1764. In the book he argues that Capital Punishment was not beneficial as a deterrent or even necessary. Beccaria also believed that it was inappropriate for the government/state to take the life of a citizen living in the society. During this era the government focused on punishing criminals/offender for what they have done, and Beccaria had another ideal, which he wanted the government to use a preventative approach in order to focus on preventing crimes instead of punishment. Beccaria wanted the government to focus on education and compensating good conduct that would result in a better and happily community. “The punishment of death is the war of a nation against a citizen whose destruction it judges to be necessary or useful” (On Crimes and Punishment, 1764). This quote taken directly from the book is very interesting because Beccaria believed that the type of punishment chosen by the state should do the general public some good. Beccaria is arguing against capital punishment because it doesn’t seem to have a deterrence factor in society and it’s just not useful. Beccaria argued that the state shouldn’t have the right to take the lives of it’s own citizens and that capital punishment is not suitable or a necessary means of punishment. He believed that punishment had a deeper sense of…

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