Marc Handelman Misma Analysis

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Marc Handelman created the artwork “Miasma” and it’s located in the Nerman Museum Contemporary Art at Johnson County Community College. The sociopolitical piece of artwork is placed on the wall on the second floor of the Museum. “Miasma” streaks of brilliant red and blue radiate from a dark center into a white field to blast the painterly colors of Old Glory. The medium of the “Miasma” was painted with oil on a canvas which the canvas is large in size so it could be noticeable to the audience and it would stand out immediately. Marc Handelman is an American Contemporary painter, known for his large-scale abstractions derived from Lockheed Martin advertising, and historical propaganda. He was born in Santa Clara, California. Marc Handelman …show more content…
This painting is a non-discursive symbol that has strong messages behind each specific color and the center darkness of the black hole. “Miasma” is an important piece of art to me because it can relate to the issues of identity and I find it personal because the majority of my family is immigrants; its hard for them to have a fair identity in the United States. In today’s society, there is a hugely controversial issue of self-identity and its becoming well-known all around the world. Now that I am educated about it I have many perspectives of this piece of artwork that many people don 't see because it relates to my previous experience and that experience will be complexly different compared to other people that haven 't been through family issues that I 've been through such as seeing a family member getting deported back to Mexico and another issue is when a group of guys disrespected my mother only because of the color of her skin. However, the “Miasma” does show a clear meaning when it comes to the different bright colors which I believe has a connection with the different ethnicities having the issue of identity which is national

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