Manx National Heritage Essay

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Manx National Heritage (MNH) is the Isle of Man government’s attempt to preserve and present Manx history and culture, and their website is primarily used to advertise island-wide heritage sites and attractions. The main focus of the website is on the ‘Historical Attractions’ of the island, with less focus on ‘Ancient Monuments’ and ‘Coast and Countryside.’ MNH is all about showcasing the history of the Isle of Man, and the website concentrates on locality: on each attraction’s page, there is reference to how it played a part in Manx history.
The House of Manannan is advertised with the promise of being able to “uncover the importance of the sea to the lives of the people on the Isle of Man.” This, while in reference to the past,
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Both language techniques are persuasive and the “Don’t Miss!” sections on each main attraction’s page also aid this, as it makes it appear that the year-round exhibits are only there for a short amount of time - that, if you don’t visit now, you will never get the chance again. In addition, this can also be viewed as due to tourists not visiting for very long - while people see the National Trust as “‘a nice day out,’” visitors to the island generally go for a week-long visit, and the MNH list of things to see will help them make the most of their holiday.
The website also boasts great things about the island’s heritage - it has “the largest working waterwheel” and one of the “best preserved Medieval Castles in Europe” which helps to boost visitor numbers by exclaiming great things about the Isle of
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At Cregneash, “indigenous Manx animal breeds” can be seen, while actors detail “stories of their… lives.” This promotes a traditional image of Manx life - thatched cottages, farming, and craft - allowing for Manx identity to be promoted to tourists, and reinforced for locals. The island’s rich history also allows national identity to come across - the Manx Museum houses “artefacts and treasures unique to the Isle of Man” due to the impact of different historical events, including the Viking invasions of Britain and the development of steam ships in the Victorian Era. The website places lots of relevance on Manx identity, myths and legends. The “Moddey Dhoo” is well known to residents, but the website gives a brief explanation of what it is in order to promote Peel Castle to those from other places with the lure of a

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