Essay on Manual vs Automatic Transmission

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Manual vs. Automatic Transmission
You want to get a new car, but you are not sure whether to get one with an automatic transmission or one with a manual transmission. Well read on and perhaps this essay will help you out with your decision. Cars have played a big role in my life. When I was a little kid my dad and I used to work on his 197? Ford Granada. Every time something would go wrong with the car he would ask me to help him fix it. Not because I knew much about cars, because I didn't know anything about the subject, but because he wanted me to learn about cars and spend some time with me. Or maybe he just didn't want me to get ripped off at a garage when something went wrong with my car. Either way, we spent a lot of time
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Driving a car with a manual transmission makes me feel like I'm in control of the car. Unlike automatic transmissions, manuals give you a sense of empowerment, they make you feel like you actually control the car not just how fast it goes. Also wit manual transmissions you are more alert on the road because you have to shift up or down constantly. And if for some reason your breaks fail you can slow your car down by shifting down and breaking with the engine. I feel that cars with automatic transmission are boring to drive, and I'm pretty sure that is the reason why people fall asleep on the wheel. My point is that cars with manual transmissions are exciting to drive, period. The one thing I still don't get is that, if cars with manual transmission are so fun to drive, why do the majority of the people prefer automatic cars over manuals? I guess it's because automatic cars are easier to drive and it doesn't tire you as much as a car with a manual transmission would. But the truth is that cars with manual transmissions are more economical than automatics. They don't need as much maintenance as automatics do. Also you get more power out of your engine with a manual transmission, because power isn't taken from the engine to change gears. No power is lost in translation. So I guess, in the end, people really prefer automatic transmissions because they don't have to do as many maneuvers as they would with a manual transmission. So which car

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