Manmade Hazards Essay

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Differences Between Natural and Manmade Hazards

Hazards exist everywhere and all the time. Hazards come in many forms and sizes and affects people in different ways. The two categories of hazards are natural and manmade. Natural hazards occur everywhere but based on the geographic location, single or multiple hazards can occur at once. Natural hazards branches into three categories and they are atmospheric, hydrologic, and geologic. Manmade hazards or also known as technological hazards poses many hazards that can affect communities. Manufacturing, transporting, and the utilization of chemicals, explosives, disease agents, radioactive materials, and other harmful substances to include terrorism are considered manmade hazards. This
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Hydrologic hazards examples are floods, drought, and coastal erosion. In the event of flooding, this is when excess water overflows from an existing body of water and the excess water goes to nearby floodplain lands (Islam & Ryan, 2016, p. 149). FEMA indicated that floods falls into three categories and they are riverine flooding, coastal flooding, and shallow flooding. Another example of hydrologic hazard is drought. Drought occurs when there is water shortage due lack of rainfall. Extended drought can affect crops, wildlife, livestock, and the economy. During extended droughts, crops cannot mature properly, wildlife and livestock will be undernourished, and the economy suffers due to the increase of unemployment (Islam & Ryan, 2016, p. …show more content…
These are the hazards that are made by humans to include transportation, manufacturing, and using chemicals, explosives, flammables, pesticides, and disease agents. Other manmade hazards are oil spills both on land and sea, debris from space, civil unrest, and domestic/international terrorism. Hazardous materials also known as HAZMAT can be in solid, liquid, or gaseous form. HAZMAT can affect surrounding communities through mishandling. Terrorism is another example of manmade hazard. Terrorism can occur internationally, domestic, or through cyber. International terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah are against and usually target the US, Western civilizations and developed countries. Domestic Terrorists to include right-wing, left-wing, and special-interest extremists operates in the US and its territories to accomplish their social objectives. Terrorists lean towards using chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives or CBRNE and utilize CBRNE as Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMD (Islam & Ryan, 2016, p. 187). Terrorist considers in utilizing CBRNE for WMD because of four reasons: cost, availability, effectiveness, and detection

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