Manifest Destiny : The United States On The Move Westward Essay

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Manifest Destiny it is the idea that got the United States on the move westward. More specifically, this nineteenth-century idea said that the American people had been chosen by God to expand to the Pacific border. From the beginning, the country has craved expansion. Through agriculture and new settlements, early expansion was achieved, even if it was just to the Appalachian Mountains. Later expansion was gained through land purchases. Major reasons for this include solving the problem with balancing slave and free states and simply, just to have more land. All of this expansion, even if the early stages were not considered as such, helped to achieve the idea of manifest destiny. It helped the nation stretch far and wide. Through manifest destiny, the United States was molded into what it is today, but not without conflict. Manifest destiny was an idea long before the term was even used. It is argued that the idea was present as far back as the middle ages. In Constante Gonzalez Groba’s analysis on Elizabeth Maddox’s The Great Meadow, she makes this same point. She writes, “[t]he medieval abbot and mystic Hugh of St. Victor wrote in De vanitate mundi that ‘everything that happened in the beginning of time took place in the east when the world began, while in the progress of the ages toward the end of time, which is the end of the world, all things come to an end in the West.’” Even though this is not saying exactly what happens in the United States, this is still very…

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