Manifest Destiny: Justified Americans

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Justified Americans

As the army knows, war is not always easy. The Americans went to war with Mexico to fight over Texas in 1846. At the time, James K. Polk was in office as president. He was a strong supporter of the Manifest Destiny.

The Manifest Destiny was believed as God’s plan to extend American territory. Polk also was thinking about buying California too, but right now his mission was gaining Texas. The United States was justified in going to war with Mexico because most were supporters of Manifest Destiny, the Americans rebelled trying to get Texas out of hostage, and Texas wants to be apart of America anyways so Texans might as well be Americans. In 1812, war caused to threat to England. Then in 1836 Texas gained its Independence
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“At this period citizens of the United States has already begun to move…” (sumner 329) Texas wants to be connected with America. “ It is time for the Annexation of texas to cease…” (O’Sullivan 323) America is invited Texas to be apart of the U.S. Texas is ours, they are apart of our family. The annexation of Texas needs to stop. (o’sullivan 323) America is inviting Texas to be with the US, but Mexico is keeping that from happening. They need each other but Mexico is keeping Texas hostage. The two lands want need each other, the Mexican government is keeping that from happening.

The United States was justified, they wanted Texas to have freedom. Americans were willing to fight for Texas, so they would have freedom. Texas wanted to be apart of America so they could have the liberty, do what they desire. Americans were willing to fight for another ‘country’ and for their freedom. Mexico didn’t really need Texas, they just wanted. Mexico stretched from Guatemala to Oregon, it was the same size as America.

The United States justified in going to war with Mexico. Manifest Destiny says that Texas is meant to be apart of America, let it be. If Texas wanted to be Americans, and Americans wanted Texans, then Mexico should let it go, Texas already fought for freedom from Mexico. They are their own country, but not for much

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