Mandatory Vaccination

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days in the hospital with her underage infant, diagnosed with the disease known as, measles. The infant was too young at the time to receive any vaccinations, and because of such was at risk for contracting the disease when at a doctor’s office visit. Where there was a child who was unvaccinated, and a carrier of the disease. According to the (AJPH, 2016), it has been historically known that individuals who are not vaccinated pose a risk for other individuals in waiting room areas. Another example demonstrating this effect is that of the string of Measles outbreak cases in the United States over the past several years. From the years 2010 to 2016 a number of measles cases were recorded, and reported, with “63 cases in 2010; 220 cases in …show more content…
Are routine vaccinations throughout the lifespan, still pertinent to the times of today, when many of the same diseases we were once afraid of, are no longer prevalent in society? Do we need to really be vaccinated at all? Does the threat of disease truly go away, or does it still linger waiting to strike again? Regardless to what an individual may believe, diseases will always exist in society. According to the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014), even though many diseases in United States have either been eradicated, or the rate of, decreased, these rules do not apply to everywhere else in the world. The only know disease that has been totally eradicated from the world, is that of smallpox. However, due to the increased frequency, and means of traveling, the threat of one being affected by disease, or an outbreak is highly plausible. Several examples, of why routine vaccinations are still relevant to today can be seen in some older cases. According to a publication by the (Perry, 2008), when routine vaccination for “pertussis (or whooping cough)” in Japan were stopped in the mid-seventies, after years of being under control, there was a dramatic shift, or increase in the number of whooping cough cases, some even resulting in death. Another example is that of a case in Africa around 2003. During this time, an almost full year discontinuation of

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