Mandatory Physical Education Is Necessary For A Child 's Well Being

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Mandatory Physical Education It’s not a secret that physical education is necessary for a child’s well being. Not only are kids developing themselves physically but mentally as well. However, most students’ situations at home do not allow for a serious active lifestyle. Society today is obsessed with speed and efficiency, so children 's families are taking less and less time for physical activity. Therefore, implementing a mandatory physical education class in every student’s schedule could benefit our nation’s school systems greatly. Lack of activeness is a serious problem in America today. Our society is constantly evolving and Americans today are fitting more and more into their daily schedules. People today have jobs, children, and other responsibilities to attend to, so physical activities are not in a lot of people 's daily lives due to their lack of free time. Because of the lack of activity in people 's schedules, our nation is falling further and further into the world 's obesity scale. America is mostly known for its overweight population. Many people think that our nation is so overweight because we are just a bunch of lazy losers who sit around and watch television all day. They call americans “couch potatoes” and “fat” because of our obesity rate. People believe that since America is one of the most developed and efficient first world countries that people within it should be perfect. However, what most people don’t realize is that because the United States…

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