Managing a Global Team Essay

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Managing A Global Team
Team 6

In the “Managing a Global Team” case study, Greg James is the global manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc. who provides companies with complete information technology solutions. He leads a customer implementation team composed of 45 members from India, France, UAE, and the U.S. Greg James assembled this team to solve problems and interact with customers on a global scale, with all of the expected benefits of a cultural diverse team. However, this hastily assembled team has since struggled to work collectively, and continues to struggle connecting with each others’ cultural and work differences. These problems have led to delays and improper handling of customer related issues, specifically the HS
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By deliberately mapping the differences on Greg James’s team, this develops appreciation for how they affect teamwork. The cultural differences in James’s team offer enormous potential for innovation, so mapping culture is critical. In this case where success and failure represent high stakes, investing in survey instruments to map differences is wise. Members who assume they are “pretty similar” are often shocked to find out how different their scores are on cultural values or thinking style tests. This surprise itself often leads to an insightful exploration of the implications for performance. To bridge the miscommunication gap James must prepare the foundation for building a good bridge. Team members must encourage and reinforce two important attitudes: motivation to communicate and integrate effectively, and confidence to overcome any difficulties. The team then needs to integrate to leverage differences. Integrating is where understanding (from mapping) and communicating (from bridging) gets converted into productive results. James will need to encourage ideas from team members so that they actively participate during any open dialogue and discussion. The team must then resolve their disagreements to increase leverage. One of the main disagreements the team must resolve is their compensation

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