Managers Can Be Promoted From Within A Company Essay

810 Words Mar 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Managers can be promoted from within a company, or they can be brought in from an outside source with no knowledge of any type of what lower level work consists of because they may have always been in a management position. This can be the reason why some upper level managers are not aware of the day to day functions that their employees have to perform. Managers can be very distant from what goes on day-to-day work and can lose track of the things that make the company flow and it may be hard to implement policies because they will not fully understand what it may tale for employees to fully implement them. There are some ways that managers can bridge the gap between themselves and their employees to get a better view of the picture and be a well-rounded manager. Some of the things that managers can learn by walking around and having daily contact with line employees that they might not be able to learn from looking at data and reports are just being in the employees shoes. Data and reports can really only show numbers and technical items but not the personal. They will be able to see how employees interact with customers and see for themselves what could be improved and get ideas and opinions from the ones that are there every day. They can see with their own eyes what will work and what will not. A daily contact with employees may help build relationship and make employees feel like they actually matter and are cared about. It shows that the manager is taking…

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