Manager Interview Paper

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Manager Interview Paper
Job satisfaction, Motivation and Leadership in the Workplace


As a business major, I surround by numerous success stories from internet, magazines and visiting business professionals in different lectures. They all achieve a certain kind of success although they may have totally different background, organizational culture and management style. Therefore, it is hard for me to find the common point behind their successes. When I start to learn organizational behavior, I begin to understand how their successes connect to each other with the help of various concepts and theories. In order to further understand whether managers implement the concept in to a real work scenario, I interviewed Peng Liu,
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Overall, It seems like the workers has a higher than average working experience as a manufactory worker. However, when I ask about if company ever conduct any survey regarding workers’ job satisfaction, the answers is never. In addition, the major reasons for worker’s quitting are unsatisfied with the salary and labor intensity.
Based on the information provided above, I believe the company are doing great in creating satisfied employees, but there are still some obstacles to meet employees’ need, especially for factory workers. According to Value-percept theory, the gap between what the workers want and what they actually have is still existed, although the promotion is frequent and workers’ relationship among coworkers and supervisors is acceptable. According the most frequent quitting reasons above, I believe the most important things for workers regarding job satisfaction are salary and work itself. As a result, dissatisfaction about the salary and labor intensity would dramatically decrease their job satisfaction. In fact, value-percept theory cannot explain certain variances that may significant affect employees’ job satisfaction, since “much of the temporal variation in job satisfaction may therefore be due to variation in mood or affect (Judge, 2004)”. Under this circumstance, Peng has no mean to directly know about bottom level employee’s mood and affect. Thus, conducting job satisfaction survey may be an effective and objective

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