Essay on Management and Organisational Behaviour Qantas

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Assignment 3
Management and Organisational Behaviour

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Dr Retha Wiesner
Faculty of Business & Law
University of Southern Queensland
Toowoomba, Queensland


Student name: W. Amal Peiris Student number: U1031128


Qantas faced the crisis in 2011. However it has commenced in 1990 when it was deregulated the government through privatization. Culture of Qantas remained unchanged and it operated as a government organization.
Since Qantas was a government owned organization its cost base was not competitive compared to other Airlines.
Qantas responded with low-cost Jetstar and just like Virgin Airways, the latter also moved into international flight paths to provide an
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However, as a result previously being a government owned organization, Qantas existing cost base wasn’t competitive compared to other global airlines. Hence, management had to take following initiatives. * Qantas decided to operate with low-cost Jetstar flights. Jetstar capacity is very limited too. * Qantas announced a restructure which will see 1,000 jobs slashed as part of a new emphasis on Asia; which would help the management to cut cost and be more competitive.
As a result of these changes following conflict issues were arose between management and its employees. Parties | Conflict Issues | Action | Engineers | Engineers felt vulnerable for fear their work would be sent overseas and they wanted only limited outsourcing. | * They went on strike over pay and conditions. * Later moved to arbitration, describing it as the appropriate outcome for the appropriate time. | Baggage and catering Staff | Their Concern was for job security and outsourcing - rather than pay. | * They went on strike over pay and conditions | Long-haul Pilots | To ensure Qantas flights are operated by pilots paid at Qantas rates, not the lower Jetstar rates. | The only action Qantas pilots had been taking

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