Management Term Report on Hr Department Essay

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Principle of Management

Term Report

HR Management in HBL:

Submitted To: Ms. Samra tayyab
Date: 05th Jan, 2008


We deem it an honor to our respected teacher her guidance and help that she has provided throughout this course of principle of Management. Because of her patience and extended knowledge over the subject, we were not only able to understand the course but also took keen interest in her lectures. Without her suggestions and advises we would not have been able to produce this report according to their requirement of standard.

In doing so we are grateful to the many people who have given their time and guidance to help us in our report writing. Our special thanks to Mr. Syed A. Shahab, AVP, Human
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The report takes a holistic perspective of the role of management in the Human Resource department of HBL. HR Department is responsible for forwarding all the relevant information and requisitions to the Global HR Department. Like any other organization HBL relies on the HR department for the induction processes. Its functions include going through CVs, interviewing prospective employees, training and development, salary fixing, the validation of problems of hiring and firing employees, arrangement of meetings and seminars and recruitment program.

Human resource management is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets; the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the attainment of the business objectives.

HBL’s HR department is currently using two Business Solution Software; Misys and Internal Job Posting System. Misys is a very comprehensive Management solution and was purchased for Billions of rupees, its total cost is kept confidential. Misys is said to be a kind of software which can handle all different kinds of the Bank’s operations including the HR Department. IJP on the other hand is used for updating and providing information to recruit new employees, both for national and international vacancies.

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