Management Team For A Retail Organization Essay

2132 Words Mar 24th, 2016 null Page
currently work for a retail organization that is globally well known. The retail organization was built to provide products and customer services to consumers worldwide. The retail store consists of a store manager, department managers, human resource, sales associates ' and security teams. The organization relies on sales, profit in order to remain competitive in today 's marketing industry. However, without the sales associates willingness to participate in the organization’s goals and objectives, the organization will not have the ability to maintain their place in today 's marketing industry. The leaders (management team) at my current work were energetic, have physical stamina and very passionate about their position as leaders. Every manager of each department also had different personalities. Some are more charismatic than the others. However, most of the managers are very knowledgeable about the products, services, and procedures and policies within the organization. The organization goals are mostly to gain sale profits, customer relations and to improve other employee’s responsibilities. In order to reach these goals, it was the leaders (management team) responsibilities to motivate and influence their sales associate to provide these goals and objectives. In order to motivate and influence the sales associate to increase sales, the managers motivate their employees by initiating tasks, sales strategies, and shows guidance for effective sales goals. The…

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