Management Structure Of Google

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Google is a multinational organization. Today, it is known for being a popular search engine, known for cloud computing, browser and operating system development, and advertising Google is something that is used everyday by internet users around the world. I chose to profile Google because it is something that I use in my life almost everyday. I also chose this company because after reading briefly about the company, I was eager to learn how quickly and efficiently Google has grown since its launch in the late 1990’s. Google was founded and created 17 years ago by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who met at Stanford University in 1995. In 1997, was registered as a domain. In the matter of years has turned into a multibillion …show more content…
This year Google created their new parent company called Alphabet Inc. It is led by Google’s original founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Sergey Brin is the current president and Larry Page is the current CEO. Alphabet Inc. will oversee new initiatives that Google has been launching recently. As far as management goes, they have many levels. For products of Google or features of products there is a somewhat lengthy management system. There are eight levels of management. These are managers that work on certain products or features in products. The first two levels are very similar to each other and have similar tasks. Level one and two is known as the Associate Product Manager, or APM’s. At level one, the APM’s receive help and guidance from higher up managers to carry out tasks on products or features on a product. Level two is essentially the same as level one only with less guidance. Then there is level three which is known as Product Manager 1, or PM1’s. These managers understand products better and have much less help than APM’s. They also begin interviewing candidates for first and second year APM’s. Next, there is PM2’s. PM2’s get by with almost little or no help from their higher ups. After PM2’s, there is the PM3’s. These managers play a much larger role when it comes to creating new products. After product managers, there are the Senior Product Managers. The Senior Product Managers interact frequently with Vice Presidents of the company and are above the Group Product Managers. The Group Product Managers take a very large role when it comes to organizing teams. These managers also serve as spokespeople for the product itself. They examine teams and products. Finally, there are the Directors. The Directors create and set the ideas for products or features for products. Directors have an immense impact and reach over a lot of different types of products. Google is a company that is always

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